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Flowers direct from our Providers' Farms

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100% satisfaction Guarantee
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We promise and ensure that our clients will receive flowers from our local suppliers' farms or imported flowers from some Latin American and European countries. This means, to be clear, that if something is not 100% correct, we will always make sure it is corrected and that we make amends.


Our team is here to help you; You can email us at and read our helpful FAQs as the answer may be what you are looking for.

My flowers are withered ...

Your flowers will definitely be thirsty after your trip, this is completely normal. As soon as they arrive, open them up, wash the stems, and most importantly cut them off an inch or so. Soak in cool, clean water and they'll have a great drink overnight. This will ensure that they are fully animated.

My flowers look a bit flat.

Again, sometimes your flowers will look a bit squashed, but as noted above, once the stems have been cut and enjoyed a great drink, you will soon see them bloom.

Tired roses or peonies.

We intentionally keep the 'guard' petals on roses and peonies because these petals protect them during transit, for the same reason that we use foliage on the outside of many designs and wrap them well. the newer petals inside will allow the flower to open.

Broken or damaged stems.

We do our best to protect your flowers when we ship them to you. However, sometimes they have a bad trip in which they have been spoiled. If this is the case, we can help fix this problem.


Send us your order number and 1-2 photos of the stems that have the problem as soon as they arrive (and certainly within the first 24 hours).

Email: or CALL US: PERRY'S FLORIST (305) 754-8061

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